#SONSummerCrush: Ringlet realness

There used to be a time where I “couldn’t get right” if my hair wasn’t perfectly blown out. Even after I transitioned to natural hair seven years ago, straight hair was my comfort zone. But since this past year has been all about breaking out of it, I decided to force myself to wear my natural, co-washed curls for two and a half months. Even to a job interview!  

It’s led to questions about my ethnicity, as well as some uncomfortable conversations with people who want to touch it, uninvited. But that’s okay.

Don’t get me wrong: I’ve worn curly hair to work, on vacation and to formal affairs,  but I always reverted to straight hair, whether worn long and loose, or up in an ponytail or bun. And to be honest, I didn’t alway feels “pretty” with curly hair.  But as Beyoncé says: pretty hurts. My years of addiction to relaxed, flat-ironed and highlighted hair is what made it fall out in chunks to begin with. Now I’m blessed to have a headfirst of tender headed curls that require patient detangling and nurturing products.

It’s funny to me now when people who don’t realize the versatility of natural hair and are surprised to see me with shoulder-length locks.

Love me, love my hair. 
Xo, Alexis


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