Thanks, Deidra!


Do you have a fairy godsister? Deidra K. Perry is one of mine. She simply must be, because every time I need a little nudge, a friendly reminder or a boost, this dynamic mover and shaker swoops in and gives me word of encouragement. It’s almost gotten ridiculous, because how on earth could she know when I need it? I’m grateful.

Dear reader, I’m sharing this nugget with you because whether you wear an actual crown or not, I know I’m not the only one who needs this. Print it, put it on your fridge or bathroom mirror or make it your screensaver and don’t forget it!

We have TWO winners for our Towne & Reese giveaway: Clair McLafferty and Erica Bunker! If you love the chic, easy pieces from Towne & Reese, come sip and shop with Same Chic Different Day *tomorrow* evening during Girls Night Out at Belk/The Summit! Almost everything in the store will be 20% off!

Xo, Alexis


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