I have never posted a “Woman Crush Wednesday”… but who better to start it off with than my mother, the woman I admire most? And, if truth be told, the woman who has influenced me most, from my style and work ethic to my love of classic movies and Twilight Zone marathons?

I recently had the privilege of interviewing Mrs. Barton for my magazine writing class (which is taught by Rick Bragg! *squeal*). I won’t print it here (it’s ten pages, and I could’ve kept going), but it was the best experience. It took multiple sessions, and yes, I cried. But I also laughed and I learned so much about a person I “thought” I knew. My mother is very modest; she doesn’t talk about herself or toot her own horn, and I feel honored that she opened up to me.

I think the picture above captures my mother’s spirit. She is impeccably dressed in a Nina Ricci taffeta trumpet skirt and vintage beaded sweater. She is elegant, effortlessly so, but unaware of her glamour. And she looks forward, always to what’s ahead and not behind her. She’s been there beside me for everything, supporting me through  the lowest lows and highest highs. (Remember this? She was off camera, helping me!) My mother taught my brother and me that when the rain comes and the storms of life threaten to sweep us away, we have to stay the course and keep moving. (This, from someone who walked sixty miles in the pouring rain to raise money for breast cancer research. Twice.)

Recalling the time she struck out grown men from the pitcher’s mound (in high-heeled, wedged sandals!) her son Alex said, “When you see a queen, you don’t expect her to get out in the heat and dirt, or grab a sword and swing it in battle. You don’t expect the queen to come down off her throne. Mama would be the one to wield a sword.”

A John-John, an LBD, and Laura Ashley...

A John-John, an LBD and Laura Ashley…

We love you, Mama. We SEE you. The “you” that has nothing to do with being our mom. And thank you. For everything.


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