From amazing appearances on news channels across Sweet Home Alabama (!!!), to events at Macy’s and Belk, to being named a Birmingham Trailblazer and delivering the opening address at the See Jane Write mini conference, to completing my first semester of graduate school with a 4.0 GPA (!!!), to dancing it up at the Classic Soiree, to my first Iron Bowl, I’ve had a fabulous year! But absolutely nothing beats having a beautiful little girl walk up to me and in the tiniest voice say, “Hey TeeTee!” then run away giggling. Wondering what our most-read post of the year was? Hands down, this year’s crown belongs to First Person Fabulous Malia Marbury! The best is yet to come, darlings. Make sure you’re connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (at) samechicdifferentday so you don’t miss a second! It’s been real…see you in 2015! Xo, Alexis

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