Ask Alexis: Has your syle changed?


My sense of style has definitely “arrived.”

Q: Now that you’re off on a new adventure, has your style changed to accommodate your new lifestyle? – Inquiring Mind

A: Great question, IM! What I wear on a daily basis has changed, but my personal style hasn’t. I no longer have to dress up as regularly, and am mostly in casual clothes. I still love heels, but they aren’t practical – however, I haven’t embraced the Chacos and running shorts-trend I see on campus. I’ve been in dressier shorts and flat sandals, plus I have my crimson Keds. I still wear a lot of the blouses I was wearing before, just not so much with pencil skirts and cropped pants. As the weather cools off, I will be living in jeans, layering comfy sweaters and tops and rocking flat boots, as well as cute running shoes (my brother and sister-in-law gifted me J.Crew’s Nike Internationalist sneakers, which are perfect for a girl on the go!). I’m definitely getting to embrace more of my casual side, but I don’t really wear trendy items and that hasn’t changed. I’ve finally reached a place where I wear what I want and my look expresses who I am, and it’s an amazing feeling. – Alexis

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2 thoughts on “Ask Alexis: Has your syle changed?

  1. I think it’s called maturity and getting comfortable in your own skin. Happens around 30, I think. Today at work I had no meetings, so I am sporting a black and white striped top that has a dash of yellow at the collar, black jeans, and gray Keds with yellow laces. Younger me would never have worn this. Mature me thinks it’s quirky chic – my grown up style.

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