Ask Alexis: Does this make me look old?

20140730-112339.jpgQ: Dear Alexis: I find myself in love with THIS dress, but will it make me look old? – In Love with Lace

A: Dear Lace, If you loved it, I certainly hope you bought it as it’s now out of stock. Honestly, one can age almost any outfit with dated hair, jewelry and shoes; so if you purchased this, remember to keep your look youthful or else yes, you’ll look like Thelma Harper. Note the model’s styling: her hair and shoes are pretty simple, right? That’s for a reason. The shorter length and the sheer hemline keep this dress out of Golden Girls territory. The navy hue is a fresh take on the classic LBD, and the bateau neckline balances the hemline, because to have bare shoulders or an exposed bust AND a short hem would cheapen the look. Try a snakeskin or metallic strappy shoe, a coordinating (but not matching!) clutch, and either statement earrings or bracelet (a necklace would be a bit much). DO NOT wear lace shoes, pearls, pantyhose or a shawl. And please, no prom updo.

Do you have a style dilemma? Ask Alexis!

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