Rouge Louboutin is coming!

Rouge Louboutin

Rouge Louboutin

Is designer nail polish along these lines the next status trend?

If you can’t afford a pair of crimson-soled Loubs, now you can at least get a little closer via your mani-pedi! Rouge Louboutin is available for pre-order via Saks Fifth Avenue…now! It retails for $50, and I am in LOVE with the bottle! It just looks like something luxe to display on a well-appointed dressing table and wear for special occasions.


Per Saks: “This long-wearing, chip resistant formula is highly pigmented with luxe, glossy color and UV protection to keep the color true. Two coats give the effect of 20 layers of traditional lacquer, with a brilliant shine. A custom-designed, patented triangular brush ensures precise application, while shorter bristles pick up the right amount of product, preventing air bubbles and ensuring flawless coverage.”

According to, 30 shades are on the way and will be sold at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and select Sephoras. Check for Pop, Nude and Noir! on shelves August 6, and the remaining shades August 31.

This hue and packaging reminds me of the infamous “jungle red” polish from The Women, one of my favorite movies about the lives and loves of the very pampered. It always makes me wish I’d been born when women wore hats and gloves and DRESSED for dinner or shopping downtown. Here’s a clip:

Happy shopping!

Images via Saks


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