I’m Still #FedUp

Just kidding!

I’m pleased (and pleasantly surprised) to say I completed the Fed Up Challenge! This process has improved my relationship with food, and increased my will power and self-awareness as well. I’ve learned to be better informed about what I’m eating and more conscious of the effect certain foods have on my body so that I make better choices for myself going forward.

There was no weight loss goal attached to this, but I lost six pounds and can comfortably fit one size smaller than I was wearing (and which may or may not have required prayers and Spanx before). My energy levels are through the roof: after receiving a good night’s sleep, I wake up refreshed and ready to get moving (which almost never happened prior to the challenge). I’ve felt real motivation to exercise – and have enough energy to actually do it! – so I’ve been walking a mile each morning, and got in four last Sunday alone.

Although I did experience weird cravings, I was never really hungry during the challenge unless I waited too long between meals. Thoughtful planning at the grocery store and before dining out were required; however, once I learned to stay on the perimeter of stores and to choose lean proteins and veggies at restaurants, I was fine. Once I realized how many empty calories and how much sugar I was overloading my body with, I quit soda cold turkey; water and 100% fruit juice have replaced it. And I can tell my taste buds have changed: fruit tastes sweeter, and my sweet tooth for cookies and cupcakes has seriously diminished.

I don’t really miss baked goods or the added sugars in dips, convenience meals, condiments or white bread and pasta, which I also avoided. I won’t say that I’ll never have refined sugar again, but I will definitely be more careful about how much I enjoy itand how often. (As it stands, today is National Donut Day, and I don’t even want one; I’m still eating abiding by the challenge’s guidelines in my meals today, and plan to indefinitely.) But I might have to make sure one of my cousins isn’t camped out at Krispy Kreme in Atlanta.)

If you’re looking for a way to reset your body, I encourage you to try sign up for the Fed Up Challenge. Having the camaraderie and support of my family members really helped, and I am so glad my aunt got us to do this. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of this change as the year progresses.


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