Recommended reading: Secrets of the Southern Belle

SOTSB_coverAre you a Scarlett? A Blanche (DuBois or Devereaux)? Or a Whitley (Gilbert)?

Discover, refine or embrace your inner southern belle with Atlanta Real Housewife/attorney/fitness dvd star/aspiring mortician (whew!) Phaedra Parks’ new book, which will teach you “How to Be Nice, Work Hard, Look Pretty, Have Fun and Never Have an Off Moment.”  Now, this is not about scheming under moonlight and magnolias, simpering on verandas or being fake; it’s really about how to present your best self every day.  As Ms. Parks notes, “Who wouldn’t want to be a lady in this day and age? Don’t we all want to be rare and unusual and cherished?” (p. 64).

Light-hearted, witty and informative, it includes recipes, bulleted tips and handy scripts regarding matters of style, etiquette and tricky situations without giving absolutely ALL of our secrets away.  This guide will help you improve poise in navigating just about any social setting or occasion (including births, deaths, dating, tailgating and dressing).  Brushing up on manners is always a good idea (whether you consider yourself a Southern belle or not), and there are tips from every life stage from baby to Grande Dame. It includes tips for bringing up the little belle or beau in your life as well.

My favorite tip (which happens to be something my aunt used to say):  “A lady never puts in the shop window what isn’t for sale.” HA!

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