Project Runway Episode 3 Recap: Meltdowns, turbans and yogurt…oh my!


*Warning: This post contains spoilers to last night’s episode of Project Runway. Watch full episodes HERE. *

The challenge: The designers are awakened by Heidi for jaunt to Coney Island. A Yoplait executive introduces them to new frozen yogurt, which will then inspire the theme of the challenge. The designers take carts on the boardwalk, offer free samples, and ask for feedback from people (“tasters”). They are to take three of the descriptive sensory words they receive as feedback (such as “fluffy”, “light” “refreshing”, etc.) to use to inspire their designs. This is a team challenge. Oh dear…the button bag is back!

Each team is to create 1 look. Instead of going to Mood for fabric, they have to play games and use the prizes they win for fabrication.

It’s interesting to see what they come up with out of vinyl dolphins, sombreros, vinyl whales, balls, stuffed frogs and ice cream cones.

The drama: So many people cried during this episode that we lost count.

Our favorite design: Helen and Kate’s stunning, wearable crimson cocktail dress. Made out of rattan sombreros, kites and stuffed animals (for lining), the sculptural effect, with sharp tailoring and minimalistic styling KILLED. Zac Posen: “It looks polished, it looks well-made.”

Our least favorite design: The shark bait/big-mouthed blue monster dress. Cue the Jaws theme music. It looked juvenile and wacky, not fun and playful as the designers hoped. It. Had. A. Mustache. But the judges loved it; Nina Garcia lauded it as an “Instagram moment.”

Designer to watch: Kate Pankote (who was given the boot last season, returned this year and won the first challenge) is taking no prisoners.

Style statement of the night? Ken Laurence’s turban, hands down. WORK.

Outcome: Helen and Kate are named the winners of this challenge. Helen is named overall winner and gains immunity. Birmingham’s own Ken Laurence is still in it to win it!

Project Runway airs Thursday nights at 8 PM on Lifetime. Join the fun by watching and live-tweeting with SCDD (@SameChicSouth) every week!

Images via Lifetime


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