Trend to try: knuckle rings

'Sly as a Fox' gold knuckle ring, $12 at

‘Sly as a Fox’ gold knuckle ring, $12 at

Darlings, knuckle rings (AKA ‘midi’ rings) are a bandwagon I’ve been slow to get on, because I generally go ring-less.  However, once I saw this foxy (!) ring on, I was ready to climb aboard. Have you tried adoring your fingers with one or more of these delicate rings that rest just above your knuckles? Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Francesca’s and Lulu’s all have super cute, budget-friendly options that allow you to rock the look without breaking the bank! Which is great, because this is not a trend I would go too crazy trying.  One well-placed midi ring will provide just enough sass for me.

Image via Lulu’s


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