Nordstrom Rack to open May 16!


Darlings, mark your calendars, toss some sequins and get ready to shop: Nordstrom Rack is opening at the River Ridge Shopping Center on Thursday, May 16 at 9 AM! Per what I read online, this kickoff will involve music, breakfast and giveaways; be there early or be really upset with yourself when you have to plow through the leftovers. Early birds have a shot at an extra treat: thirty $100 gift cards will be given away between 8 and 9 AM.  One super savvy shopper will win at $1000 gift card as well as the opportunity to shop the store 30 minutes before doors are opened.

The details can be found on the Nordstrom Rack website; go ahead and complete an entry form for the giveaway and be sure to bring it with you on on May 16!

The River Ridge shopping center is located at 4612 HWY 280 Building B, Birmingham, AL 35242.

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