‘The Onion’ Stinks.

QuvenzhaneWallis_Oscars2013I was all set to give you my Oscar fashion recap this morning, to talk Oscar highs and lows and to tell you how Halle Berry killed it in Versace, Kerry Washington rocked a pitch-perfect Miu Miu, Jessica Chastain gave us Jessica Rabbit in Armani Prive and a surprise appearance from Mrs. Obama shut them both down in Naeem Khan.


Then I scrolled through my Twitter feed and saw that the parody website The Onion (I refuse to link to them) sank to a new low by calling Best Actress nominee and nine-year-old (!) actress Quvenzhane Wallis the c-word. Where’s the gag in that? Where is the humor? Why and how and where would it be funny to call anyone – much less an innocent little girl – such an awful name? Are they that desperate for internet traffic? Or are they just completely morally bankrupt? This is someone’s daughter. Where do we draw the line and say “Enough”?

Fifty years ago, in the city where I live, where I’m sitting up at twenty minutes to midnight writing this, someone felt it was okay to kill four innocent little girls. Fifty years later, we pat ourselves on the back and think we’ve come so far. And we have. But not far enough. Not when women and girls of ANY race continue to be insulted, objectified and degraded.

There’s nothing funny or fashionable about that.

Shame on The Onion and whoever cosigned that tweet.

*Although she did not win the Oscar, Miss Wallis is set to star in the remake of Annie. And was quick to correct an AP reporter who called her by that moniker, instead of her given name. The tweet was deleted late last night, but that’s not enough. We’ll wait for an apology from The Onion’s leadership. *getsoffsoapbox*

Image via Jezebel

**The Onion has since removed the tweet and issued an apology.



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