Ease on down the road…

I feel like I’ve posted this before, and if I have, bear with me. What with emerald being the color of the year and The Wiz turning 35, I predict a few more Oz-themed posts for the blog. The themes in The Wiz and The Wizard of Oz are special to me, because aren’t we all on some sort of wild or weird journey? Haven’t we all felt like we could use a fairy godmother or just a little bit more heart, courage or wisdom? Haven’t we all wanted a pair of super fabulous shoes to protect us and send us back to safety (or at least over the rainbow)?

I forgot that I am literally one of Dorothy’s granddaughters, and whatever I need for this journey, I already have. I needed to hear this today, and maybe you do, too:

If you’re feeling like “you can’t win, you can’t break even, or you can’t get out of the game”, just keep it pushing, darlings…and don’t let the turkeys (okay, crows) get you down. And if this isn’t a shoe that will make you strut down the yellow brick road of life, I don’t know what is. The “Diva” by Jimmy Choo is available at Nordstrom for $1495.



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