You have to try this: Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss

Makeup-free Mondays are not an option when cosmetics products as fabulous as Artistry’s Light Up Lip Gloss are on the market.  I recently had the privilege of trying it.

Artistry is a prestige brand sold exclusively through Amway, and is also worn by contestants in the Miss America pageant during competition (Miss America herself serves as brand ambassador during her reign).  The line, according to independent cosmetics consultant Karri Bentley, “has been around about 35 years and is one of the top five prestige brands in the world; it’s up there with Estee Lauder, Chanel and Clinique.”

I tried the lip gloss in “Passion” (a warm berry hue with a pretty shimmer; the gloss comes in five other shades) and was extremely pleased with the results. The packaging itself is attractive and lightweight, and showcases the product well.  One side has a rectangular mirror, which means no more digging through your purse for your compact.  When you unscrew the wand, two bright LED lights are activated, and when you apply the color, the light beams right over your lips.  No more applying lipstick in the dark, ladies!

The gloss itself is not sticky, but is very moisturizing and has a refreshing, minty effect; it makes your lips tingle but not in an irritating way (however, it’s not a lip “plumper”).  The shade flattered my complexion and was not sparkly to an alarming degree but added a lot of shine.  It’s relatively long-lasting, and there was a great color “pay off”: what you “see” in the translucent tube is what you “get” once you apply the gloss.  The more gloss you apply, the more richly the color is deposited.

Karri shares: “The good thing about Artistry is that [it offers] categories that fit any budget or skincare [need].  With each season we have our trend collection, typically in Spring and Fall, with a guest makeup artist to develop colors for the trend line.  It’s always someone who’s one of the famous makeup artists.  Whatever’s going on on the runways is what we’re putting out, but we also have basic colors. [Artistry has] everything for the person who isn’t into makeup all the way to the person who loves being fashionable and trendy with their makeup.”

What’s also nice is that Artistry offers customers a 180-day money back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to try the product and decide whether it works for you. At $16.05, the gloss is on trend with comparable brands; Artistry claims you will get “an estimated 200 applications” from the tube.

Ready to try it? Be sure to check out their Virtual Makeover!  Artistry can be purchased online or from an independent consultant. Click HERE to go straight to the lip gloss!

Image via Artistry


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