ShopStyle is giving away a Birkin!

“It” girls need “it” handbags, right? Well, if you aren’t interested in dropping thousands on an Hermès Birkin bag, then enter ShopStyle’s giveaway! You could win a coveted vintage version of the pricey purse (if owning the status symbol – and what some fashionistas and celebrities consider to be the ultimate accessory – hasn’t lost its appeal).  To enter, “like” ShopStyle on Facebook or complete the entry form; the contest ends September 3, 2012.  Whether you get the bag or not,  taking advantage of ShopStyle’s nifty sales alerts and style advice can make every shopper a winner.

And if you want to read all about one man’s exploits as a luxury reseller of all things Hermès, check out Michael Tonello’s book Bringing Home the Birkin.  Tonello spent several years abroad and stumbled into the job; his take on the luxury reselling business is hilarious and insightful. See what he has to say below.

Image via ShopStyle

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