Oh my…Oprah Goes Au Naturel!

Look who’s rocking natural hair on the cover of her magazine, on stands August 7!

Per oprah.com, the August edition is all about transformation.  Oprah notes: “The only way to real transformation is through the mind.”  Free your mind, and the rest will follow!

Are you loving her look?

Image via oprah.com


2 thoughts on “Oh my…Oprah Goes Au Naturel!

  1. Personally, I love natural hair! My niece is African-American and when she was old enough to spend the night and come over for extended stays during the summer, I had to learn how to fix her hair and find out all the various methods and processes available. And get this, that knowledge I gained helped me with my extremely curly and unruly Caucasian hair! My hair is so much better now that I apply the “natural hair” rules.

    One day, before I really know what I was doing I got my curling iron out and spent about two hours “fixing” Myah’s hair. She took one look in the mirror and her face fell. She said, “Aunt Michele, that’s so ’80.” And it was. I didn’t plan on that, but I guess I just reverted to all I’d ever known.

    That having been said, I’m all about what works best for you. The most beautiful hair I have ever seen on anyone was when I had a chance to meet Regine Valcin, owner of Salon Previe in Huntsville. Oh, that hair, it was gorgeous!

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