Ask Alexis: I see London, I see France…

Q:  I know sheer looks are hot right now, but what do I wear with thin maxi dresses?  Once I walk outdoors, they can be totally see-through! – B. A.

A:  I am SO glad you asked!  Ladies, dressing is all about leaving something to the imagination; no one wants to see your underpants in the light of day!  It may seem a little old-fashioned, but to avoid an impromptu peep show I recommend wearing a slip.  Not the itchy kind with a petticoat you remember from your childhood, but a form-fitting, convertible one about knee-length that can add a layer of opacity to those sheer summer dresses.  In lightweight, curve-friendly fabrics, slips can also provide a smoothing effect (I would avoid lace, piping or other types of trim if you plan to wear it under a thin garment).  With shoulder straps that can be worn normally, removed  or worn crossback or halter-style, you’ll find that a slip is a versatile, must-have undergarment. Two to try?  Assets by Sara Blakely’s Fantastic Firmers Full Slip ($42-44) and Vassarette’s Body Curves Full Slip ($16.99); both come in black in and nude, and both are available at Target.

Image via Newsline


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