You take the good, you take the bad…

True story: when I was about seven, I wanted to be Tootie on the Facts of Life.  Remember when she was President of Jermaine Jackson’s fan club?!

Okay, so I’m not seven anymore (and there are so many things going on in that first video, starting with what Jermaine Jackson actually used to look like and his bedazzled outfit! And Tootie’s Members Only jacket! And that road manager’s tight jeans and hairline!).  But wouldn’t it be amazing to go through life on roller skates the way she used to?  Okay, for the two of you who haven’t now decided I’m a raving lunatic, I saw these old school skates with fun multi-colored wheels at C. Wonder.  At $75, all they need is a pair of pompoms and bells laced through them!  If I could get away with it, I’d roller skate around downtown in them.  It’d make the workday a little more interesting, no?

Or maybe I’d just save them for a roller disco night out.

In any case, everyone’s closet needs that one whimsical item that makes you smile on the worst days.  These skates remind me to keep it moving, no matter what.

XOXO, Alexis

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