Recommended Reading: Vanessa & Helen Williams’ You Have No Idea

Mother-daughter relationships can be fraught with tension, full of shared clothes and closeness, or somewhere in between as the years pass.  Vanessa L. Williams and her mother Helen recount theirs with laughter and candor in the new release You Have No Idea And no – honestly – we never have an idea of what it’s like to grow up in another person’s skin, but the Williams ladies give us a peek into their lives by addressing the turbulent teen years, those scandalous photographs that cost Vanessa her historic Miss America crown, the struggle to overcome past hurts and MUCH more.   Both women’s strong will, no nonsense attitude, frankness and wit are a delight.  This book is a lovely, touching read; the duo show us how to survive controversy, loss and upheaval with style.  

Reading it made me reflect on my relationship with my own mother,  and also made me appreciate her sacrifices for me all the more.  It can be difficult to see our parents as individuals with their own desires and needs, and hard to see how a child’s growing independence can strain a relationship.  Although I’m not yet a parent, this book gave me even more empathy for the tremendous responsibilities of those who are. 

The Williams Family

Image via Amazon and ABC


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