TYRA MAIL!!!!!!  ANTM Cycle 19 – the “College Edition” – is hosting casting calls during early March in the surrounding area; if you are currently enrolled or have been accepted to a school beyond high school, this may be your opportunity to SMIZE and strut with the best of them!  According to my source, they want “participants from junior colleges, vocational schools, beauty schools to apply as well.”

Casting will hit the catwalk in Alabama (Mobile, Auburn & Montgomery), Georgia (Atlanta, Savannah, Thomasville & Augusta), Louisiana (Monroe & Lake Charles), Mississippi (Jackson) and Florida (Pensacola, West Palm Beach & Tallahassee) by the end of this week…so get your stilettos, poses and passports in gear and be sure to review the eligibility requirements so you don’t get all the way to the casting call and have your feelings hurt.

For more information and to download the application, click HERE.  And just for kicks, here’s a mashup of fun times from previous episodes.

Image via tyrabanks.com

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