Eighth Grader Debuts at Birmingham Fashion Week

Pizitz Middle School student Lucy Bailey walked her first runway like a seasoned pro in Birmingham Fashion Week’s Rising Design Star competition last night. Twenty young fashion designers showcased pieces crafted from materials straight out of a Project Runway challenge, utilizing garbage bags, bubble wrap, coffee filters, feathers, pine cones, doilies and duct tape. Wearing a drop-waist party dress made of pink, yellow, and orange plastic ribbon designed by Greer Micelli, the Cynthia Bailey model search finalist spoke with me about her first foray on the catwalk.  She was accompanied by her mother, Shannon Bailey, and grandmother Marcella Bailey.

How’d it feel to walk the runway?  “It was exciting! The cameras flashing and the [noise of] crowd…I loved it! And I got to meet Miss Alabama [USA 2012; Katherine Webb]!”

How long did hair and make-up take tonight?  “About an hour and a half, ” mom Shannon Bailey shared.

Describe your dress (made of what is commonly used for balloon streamers) in one word: “Curly!” [laughs]

How was the Cynthia Bailey Model Search experience?  “It was really fun.  Being [chosen] as a winner was really surprising.”  Lucy was chosen as the fifth finalist on the last day of the competition last month and will compete in Atlanta in May.  At stake: a one-year modeling contract, photo spread, and $10,000 prize.  This was the second modeling event Lucy has participated in.

Although Miss Micelli’s innovative dress was not selected to advance in the Rising Design Star competition, both Lucy’s mother and grandmother were very pleased with Thursday night’s events.

The Bailey Family after the show. Courtesy Lynsey Weatherspoon

“I thought the whole night was fabulous.  It’s nice they let the young kids get involved,” said Shannon, who also felt the production was good for the city’s image.

“[Everything] was very professional,” added Marcella.  “And we’re very proud of Lucy!”

Stay tuned for more coverage of Birmingham Fashion Week and updated photos courtesy of Lynsey Weatherspoon Photography!

Images courtesy of Shannon Bailey and Lynsey Weatherspoon


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