Please Don’t Wear Your Jammies to Work

No ma'am, Rachel Roy.

Nightwear as daywear is a trend that’s shown up on runways (and recently on the front page of, and I’m warning you: this does not mean your Forever Lazy footie pajamas, slinky negligees, or saggy Hello Kitty  flannel bottoms from freshman year are now in style and meant to be inflicted upon the public.  Those fashion choices will make you a perfect candidate for People of Walmart, not anyone’s best dressed list.  If you’d like to incorporate the look into your wardrobe smartly, here are some tips on how to wear pajama-inspired looks with flair and good taste.

1.  Try a lacy camisole under a cardi or jacket for the office, or a vintage bustier with a pencil skirt or cigarette pants for evening.  The key here is balance.   If you pair these items with a super short skirt or shorts, or anything skintight, the effect will be more “streetwalker” than chic.

2.  Pair silky or print pajama bottoms with a structured piece on top,  like a cable-knit cardigan.  Or, try a menswear-inspired pajama top with skinny jeans and a pair of fun loafers.  The blend of textures will keep you from looking like you rolled straight out of the boudoir.

3.  Please leave anything with a cheeky phrase on it in the store,  or spare the rest of us and save it for wearing at home.  Your seat isn’t for advertising to the general public. 

4.  Several words to the wise about leggings: I’m all for them when worn properly.  And by “properly” I mean that the leggings should be opaque, not sheer, fishnet, etc.  One’s legs should not look like they are squeezed into sausage casings.  And a blazer, long cardigan or tunic-style top that skims or covers the rear is most flattering.  

5.  PajamaJeans are to be avoided at all costs.  The printed zipper and pockets are…strange.  There are too many other options for affordable, comfortable and flattering denim for women of all shapes and budgets to resort to something that pulls on and has a hidden drawstring.

6.  The last word: be sure to wear appropriate undergarments so that your silhouette is sleek and your “unmentionables” remain unmentioned by passers-by.  Smooth ripples and provide an extra layer under unlined items by wearing a pair of  fleshtone hosiery that has been snipped at the calf or knee.

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