Change is Good

One of my very elegant grandmothers once told me:  “If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.”  Now, she was giving me advice on finding a man (which is a post for another day and a whole other blog), but the same applies with fashion.  If your look needs a serious shot in the armoire, now’s the time to try something different.  I’m not suggesting you tattoo your neck or decide to wear a tutu every day.  But I’ll give you an example:  I’ve never, EVER shopped in Talbots.  I always peeked in the window as I passed by, but shop there? Never.  Why?  Because I always thought it was for someone far older, far wealthier, far more something [insert another totally off-base assumption here] than I happen to be.  But this recent photo shoot for O  Magazine  made me see the women’s store in a new light.

In search of the pink pants pictured, I stepped into Talbots at the Summit earlier this week.  And while some of the items were not my taste (which is probably going to be the case wherever one browses), I did find several pairs of  kicky flats festooned with bows, a bright turquoise suede clutch, and other pieces that fit my lifestyle, budget and aesthetic. (The  fact that the store was in the middle of a serious sale didn’t hurt, either.)  I left the store empty-handed, but it occurred to me: what have I been writing off that I should be trying?

My challenge to you this week is to stop in a store you’ve never considered.  Try something on that you previously thought was too daring, too colorful, too young, too old or out of your league fashion-wise.  If you only buy high-end, saunter into Forever 21 for something fun and frivolous.  And if you stick to fast fashion that is heavy on trends, consider an investment piece that you could own forever.  You might be pleasantly surprised.

Or you could play it safe, blend in with the wallpaper and remain age-appropriate.  How’s that working out for you?


Image via Talbots


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