Calling All Target Shoppers: Jason Wu Collection Launches February 5

Let's Get Ready to Rummmmble!

Jason Wu, whose cutting edge (pun intended!) designs and the inaugural gown he designed for FLOTUS Michelle Obama have made him a darling of the runways, recently announced plans to release an apparel and handbag collection via Tarjhay.  If the haute mess that was the Missoni for Target release is still fresh in your mind and you are dead set on owning a piece without spending your 401K with Ebay carpetbaggers (I rebuke you, hot pink Versace for H&M dress!), you have one month to make like the Christmas Champ and appropriately plan vacation time, map out your plan of attack for storming the store, practice your best shopping cart drive-by, and plot your chic sleepover in the store parking lot (just kidding; I’m sure the po-po will relieve you of that notion).  For more images, click here.

Jason Wu

Pieces range from $19.99 to $59.99 and Target has graced us with this teaser:

Images via and Target

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