Best of the Web: Real Simple

Are you stuck in a style rut? Or have you been warned that you might be a strong contender for What Not to Wear?  If one of your goals for 2012 is to update your look (or FIND a look), then Real Simple is ready to help you Find Your Style Inspiration or  Reenergize Your Signature Style .

If the looks in the articles are not your cup of tea, keep in mind their basic principles: minor tweaks can have a major impact.  Look to icons whose fashion you are drawn to (it helps if they have a similar body type, but if not you can still incorporate aspects of their style that work for your physique or coloring.).  Or try your “opposite”: if you always wear your hair curly, try a sleek blowout.  If you opt for natural makeup, try a bold lip or smoky eye.  If you lean to skirts, try slacks; or slip on kitten heels or slippers instead of towering stilettos.  It’s a new year; try a new YOU!

**And congratulations to S. Curry for winning SCDD’s Commander in Chic  giveaway!**

Image courtesy of Real Simple


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