This is, quite simply, perfection…

This song – sung by the incomparable Sarah Vaughn – is one my grandmother used to sing to me, and it has always reminded me to dream BIG, but to remember that realizing our dreams is often easier than we  imagine.  Sometimes our “castles in the air” are really right under our noses the whole time, waiting for us to step out on faith and grab them.  Sometimes we go around the world in search of something we’ve had all along; launching Same Chic Different Day has brought that home for me. 

As I celebrate SCDD’s 100th post today (!), I want to thank you for reading, for inspiring me and supporting my dream…you all are absolutely fabulous!  It’s been a whirlwind three months, and as SCDD grows I hope it continues to brighten your days with something a little different, a little lagniappe – and a little something chic.

XOXO Alexis

Don’t forget to enter SCDD’s chic giveaway! Comment on 12/21’s post and you could win a copy of Commander in Chic!


2 thoughts on “This is, quite simply, perfection…

  1. LEX, LEX, LEX………… how time flies when you’re having fun!!!

    Great job and i’m so verry, verry, proud of you!!!!!!



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