Fashion Flashback: The Friendship Bracelet

My short trip down Memory Lane this week paused to remember the summer of 1988, when our babysitter taught me how to make friendship bracelets from embroidery thread. Armed with a safety pin to anchor the bracelet to my jams (come on, you know what jams are), I made as many as my allowance allowed, then my friends and I traded them.  Though I never became very advanced in terms of technique, I could spend hours with my Walkman on, looping and tying to my heart’s content.

Anyway, these updated, blinged out versions by Courtney Prince are way more chic and add a bit of boho glam to an outfit…feel free to purchase me one!

Image copyrighted/owned by Courtney Prince

Don’t forget to enter SCDD’s chic giveaway! Comment on 12/21’s post and you could win a copy of Commander in Chic!


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