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Q:  Alexis – Help! How would you suggest I dress up a simple grey draped cocktail dress in jersey for a Friday night office party?  – A.C., Birmingham

A:   I love a versatile dress that can be worked at multiple occasions; that way you get more for your money!  And this dress is perfect because not only is it (deceptively) simple, it has a classic silhouette and a length and neckline that won’t show all your lady parts to your colleagues.  So how would I take this look up a notch?  Add a bit of bling: a jeweled headband, bedazzled belt,  or this necklace (this one can easily go day-to-night).  Or you could try an armload of sparkly jet bangles, a couple of  rhinestone cuff bracelets, or some eye-catching earrings and a statement ring.  The key is balance:  choose  a few accessories carefully.  For example, you could do the headband, bracelets and ring, or the belt, cuffs and ring.  Finish the look with a sleek, chic topknot, cat-eye makeup and a red lip and nails, plus a black satin or sequined clutch (not the tote you carry every day to the 9 to 5), and black satin pumps.  

Be sure you’ve practiced walking in your shoes ahead of time so there are no tumbles on the dance floor; roughen the soles by walking across a sidewalk several times to give them more “grip”.  If you’re not sure about baring your legs, add a pair of opaque tights (patterned may be a tad much with your accessories this time).  Et voilà! You’re done fab one…now get your party on!

Note: This is not the dress the reader wore, but it’s very similar.  And the model pictured is not me.

Image via Google

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