Fashion Flashback: Marilyn McCoo

You can thank Tasha Simone of Hot 107.7 for today’s flashback; her tweet yesterday inspired SCDD’s stroll down memory lane! When we think of Marilyn McCoo, we instantly recall the over-the-top pop sensation that was Solid Gold in the 1980s.  Ms. McCoo was the show’s glamorously coiffed and couture-wearing host, who performed a contemporary hit each episode set to some awesome choreography from the Solid Gold Dancers.  The show also featured a top ten countdown and sassy commentary from Madame.  But did you know the multi-Grammy award winner  and former Jet Beauty of the Week was also an original member of the The 5th Dimension, a  music group known for hits such as One Less Bell to Answer and Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (of Hair fame)?  Ms. McCoo, who went on to record as a successful duo with her husband (Billy Davis, a founder of The 5th Dimension), is a celebrated stage, film and television actress, entertainer, author and hostess.

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There were entirely too many clips to enjoy  from Solid Gold, but check out this one featuring Jermaine Jackson.

Images courtesy of Lucy Who, Vintage Black Glamour, and Wikipedia


3 thoughts on “Fashion Flashback: Marilyn McCoo

  1. Lovely I say! I so wish we lived in a more glamorous era. The world had become so casual. Thus fashion is a causality to many. Thanx for the mention. She was just on my mind for some reason. It was a #random moment.

  2. Her style is timeless! I would actually wear that sequined dress with the cris-crossed straps in the back! She always seemed classy to me! Thanks for sharing!

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