While you’re in Atlanta checking out the Ken Ford/ Trace Ellington concert this weekend, here’s something else you should see.  Billed as “the only museum in the nation emphasizing art by and about women of the African Diaspora,” the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art is pleased to unveil 15 X 15: The Anniversary Acquisitions Exhibition , on view through December 3, 2011.

From spelmanmuseum.org: “The 15 x 15 Acquisitions Initiative celebrates the Museum’s 15th anniversary and has three components: the acquisition of mission specific works by 15 emerging, mid-career, and established artists; a special 15th anniversary exhibition; and a 15th anniversary catalogue.”

By adding the 15 new works, the Museum will launch a focused collection effort and expand the College’s permanent holdings, which currently includes works by Elizabeth Catlett, Jacob Lawrence, et. al.

Image courtesy of Spelman Museum of Fine Art

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