The Look for Less: Sequined Popover Sweater

Anyone who knows me well knows I have to have some bedazzle and bling in my life.  But at $398, this crewneck dark sequin popover sweater with elbow sleeves by J. Crew was not going to end up in my closet anytime soon.  So what’s a fashionable (and sensible) girl to do?  Look elsewhere, of course.  And since I love vintage clothing (because of its one of a kind, superb detail), I hunted until I found this beautiful Cyn Les sequined sweater which zips up the back.  I actually love this sweater more than the J. Crew version, because the sequins are jet black and I think the zipper keeps it from being too sweet.  And the grand total was less than $15 (yes, go ahead and hate me).   For a fun night out, I’ll style my version similarly, with tight rolled dark denim to tone the sequins down, and my fuchsia stilettos for a pop of color.  Fab and budget-friendly!

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Want more tips on shopping consignment and vintage successfully? Stay tuned for a future post from Same Chic Different Day!

Images courtesy of J. Crew


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