This Ain’t Your Grandma’s Turban

June Ambrose

This turban is to die for! So chic! June Ambrose, stylist extraordinaire to the celebs (and soon to be reality starlet), has worn them as part of her signature look for some time and is now launching a line to spread the fabulousness. 

I haven’t worn a turban since my Erykah Badu phase in college, but I’ll definitely rock one this fall.   These are just the thing to boost a bad hair day, or to stand out in a crowd of oh-so-average berets and cloches when the temperature decides to take a permanent dip. Make sure you have your MAC-game tight before rocking this fierce look and beware: if you look like you’ve tied your hair up for bed or to clean house, you’re committing a fashion crime. 

Image courtesy of Google


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