The September Issue

My writing career and love of glamour started with this magazine. Sort of.

I’ve loved the world of beauty since I was old enough to sneak into my mother’s clothes, jewelry and Fashion Fair cosmetics – yeah, the old school plum lipsticks and frosty shadows – and stumble around in her heels.  I’ve loved writing since I was old enough to scribble what I thought was my name across our dining room walls. By the time I attended my first ever fashion show (yes, the Ebony Fashion Fair), I knew a life of glamour was the one for which I wanted a front row seat.   And when my Letter to the Editor was published in the issue you see pictured, I knew I wanted to be a writer.

Unfortunately, Fashion Fair no longer rocks the runways of small towns and major cities.  Tastes change; what was out last season makes an appearance the next.  But celebrating aspirational, yet accessible and affordable style?  And documenting it in the world around us, in the people we see every day?  That will never go out of style. 

Same Chic Different Day‘s aim is to celebrate chic people, places and things.  Looking for what to wear? Want to know who was “there”? 

Fab people, fun times, fierce style.  Glamour at your fingertips?

You’ll find it here.



Image courtesy of Ebony archives


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