What I Wore: Galley and Garden

I was waaaaaay overdue for a night out wih friends when I received an invite to relax, relate and release with girlfriends a couple of weeks ago! And when I wasn’t  salivating over the menu at local hotspot Galley and Garden, I had outfit planning to look forward to.   

This J. Crew asymmetrical zip jumpsuit is so comfortable, but manages to be chic AND weather appropriate! And jumpsuits are just so easy! The leopard heels give it a little Cookie Lyon action, and I always have a clutch to carry my essentials.

Now here’s the scoop on Galley and Garden: it’s DELICIOUS! Go. The ambiance, service and food are superb.


Pantene nails it…

…with this new ad campaign showcasing that NFL #DadsDo:

Shout out to the Saints daddy and daughter duo! And to Pantene for encouraging fathers to spend quality time building their daughters’ self-esteem!

What do you think about the ads? 


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Feeling polished…

  I’m hitting the reset button this month. One of my beauty goals for 2016 is to maintain a manicure, something I learned from my grandmother but that I don’t do a great job at. I always smudge them! And ten years of piano lessons taught me to keep them short and polish-free (or buffed and lacquered with a clear coat.) But I loved filing and polishing my grandmother’s nails, and am going to do my best to keep mine looking ladylike. 

So I’m trying again. This week’s color: “She’s Pampered” by Essie. Because if I can’t actually be a rested lady of leisure right now, at least my nails can look like I’m one! And this cherry red is a luxe pick-me-up. Not quite “Jungle Red,” but it’ll do.

J. Crew invites you…

Happy shopping!

Xo, Alexis 


Toss some sequins: we’ve reached 500 “likes” on Facebook! Yay!!! I can’t thank you enough for your support! This may seem like a small thing to some, but considering I’m doing this on a $0 budget, while I’ve held multiple full-time jobs and tried to deal with real life…it means more than you think.

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Xo, Alexis 

Haute off the press!

Here’s one more exciting announcement for the week: I’m excited to be featured in B-Metro magazine as its “Look Grand for Less” feature for February! Thanks to the Outlet Shops of Grand River, I was able to find several fab items that fit a $250 budget!  In fact, the deals are so amazing that I came in under budget. Putting together versatile, well-made and fun pieces I could wear in a variety of ways was actually quite do-able thanks to the variety of options at the outlet. Don’t believe me? Grab your copy  of B-Metro for details; it’s available on newsstands now!

Special thanks to Kim Colvin (makeup artistry), Chuck St. John (photography) and Tracy James for making this an awesome experience!

Xo, Alexis

Images via Tracy James and B-Metro

Toss some sequins…

 Remember when I told you I had a couple of  exciting things kicking off this year? Here’s the first: run–don’t walk–to get the February issue of Birmingham magazine to read why exercising can have lasting benefits…written by yours truly!

It’s a little science-based encouragement for those of you who began fitness programs this month, because dressing your best won’t do any good if you don’t actually feel your best!

Xo, Alexis

What not to wear: #CFP Edition 

To be fair, SEC fans do tend to overdress for games…

But no ma’am. NO MA’AM. I better not catch one misplaced prom dress at A Day this year!

To be clear, the dress and on-trend cape are beautiful (although I think the ensemble should have been lined), and Ciara is gorgeous. But: right dress+right person+wrong occasion=back to the closet.

   The Year in Review: 2015

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This year, I held two internships, commuted between three cities, completed graduate school, started three (!) new jobs, covered the First Lady’s commencement speech at Tuskegee University and a story in my own backyard, published my first fashion piece for a magazine and my first essay for a major women’s-interest website, interviewed a Maasai chieftain, survived some serious shenanigans with my car, learned to live with hypoglycemia, raised some serious money for the United Way, took my first trip to New York City, appeared in Glamour magazine and got to share lifestyle expertise on 95.7 JAMZ and ABC 33/40 (a dream that was decades in the making!). The unexpected loss of an aunt and my grandmother during the last two months of this year have been sobering reminders to take absolutely nothing for granted. I am more determined than ever to drain every bit of positivity and purpose from 2016.

Throughout all the ups and downs, twists and turns, dead ends and roundabouts, this creative space has been a constant source of joy. Sometimes it’s been my escape. It has been the launching pad for so many special experiences this year that some of them will run over into next year’s posting schedule! I don’t make resolutions, but I will say it’s my intention to continue living life with a little bit of sparkle and a whole lot of gumption. And I’m especially excited about a couple of things coming up next month–but for now you’ll have to stay tuned!  Thank you for sharing the journey with me; I can’t wait to see where 2016 takes all of us. I’m sure it’s going to be fabulous.

Xo, Alexis

P.S. What are you looking forward to next year? Drop me a line in the comments!

Keep it chic in 2016!

If you’re stuck in a style rut, why not strut out in something different next year, whether that’s a new hairstyle or new color palette? Trying new things gets you out of your comfort zone, and that’s always a great thing! And if you prepare your style statements now, you’ll be ready for whatever the year may hold. (As we like to say, if you STAY ready, you don’t have to GET ready!)

  1. Add a touch of FAB to your look: Embrace the opposite, style-wise. For example, my look is generally prim and proper…but now I’m trying pieces with a little more edge to them, or maybe that are different from my “normal” look. For me that means embracing more color and pattern, which you get both of in this JCrew Factory tuxedo blouse from the Outlet Shops of Grand River. And plaid is very on trend for fall and winter. (I love this top with destroyed jeans, or even with leather shorts!)
  2. FUN pieces are not just for kids: Style is personal, and I think people should be free to try different things. You’re never too old to wear what you might’ve worn, you just have to make certain adjustments. I’ve wanted a “Carrie Bradshaw”-style tulle tutu forever, and I finally decided to be brave and just go for it. This one is from Rue 21, also available at the Outlet Shops. Pair it with a simple slim-fit black turtle neck – NOT a leotard – plus heels or ballet flats and it’s not so far out for date night or girls night (but maybe not the office)!
  3. Serve FIERCE face:  Find at least one new makeup technique you’d like to try. Whether that’s contouring, strobing or highlighting – or even enhancing your brows, keep your look current. Products like Estee Lauder’s New Dimension Shape+Fill Serum – which lifts the look of the cheekbones and jawlines and adds radiance – make that easy. (Special thanks to makeup artist extraordinaire Kim Colvin for my camera-ready look! Ready for your close-up? Book your look by clicking HERE.)

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