In which I win a prize from Oprah…

There’s almost nothing that can compare to seeing this message pop up in your Twitter feed…


unless it’s seeing the actual package on your doorstep! Stay tuned!

*I would just like to point out that there is now ONE degree of separation between Ms. Winfrey and me. Thank you, Adam Glassman!

Why I wear pearls…

IMG_0525I believe in wearing pearls. I love that they symbolize strength, struggling to transform from a tiny grain of sand while trapped inside an oyster (if that’s not a metaphor for life, what is?). But they also convey a delicate elegance. They are uncomplicated, without the flash and sparkle of a diamond or emerald, but their understated luster has an undeniable glamour as well.
It’s difficult to wear them without thinking of the “pearl of great price” mentioned in the Bible.

I wear them to remind myself of those I love: my favorites are the opera-length set I’ve “borrowed” from my mother, the bracelet with a diamond clasp my parents gave me when a special friend committed suicide and the tiny necklace I wore when I was little. But don’t get it twisted: I wear ear bobs from the Beauty Supply that cost 99 cents and a graduated necklace from Forever 21 that cost $2 too.

I also wear them to remind me what I’m worth. One year someone gave me $5 in play money to tell me how much my work was valued. Yes, I was insulted. Yes, I was very hurt. Yes, I was very, very angry. But I kept my composure, and I let those emotions irritate me enough to serve as motivation to propel myself beyond that individual’s rudeness and low opinion. The next day, I put on my mother’s pearls and faced the day with my head held high. I decided that person’s opinion didn’t define me. Lesson? Never let someone else determine your worth, especially those who seek to devalue you.

You’re priceless. Treat yourself that way, and others will too.

Who wore what where: Golden Globes 2015


Funny, I made this same expression while reviewing fashion features at last night’s Golden Globes.

I was left with the following questions:
Why white gloves, Amal?
Has anyone checked Jane Fonda’s (and for that matter, J. Lo’s) attic for a rapidly deteriorating portrait?
Why was everyone on stage sweating?

I give my gold star to Camila Alves McConaughey, in blush Monique Lhullier. An effortless breath of fresh air in the midst of so many missteps!



Go. See. Selma.

I rarely post on Sundays, but after watching Selma this past Friday I knew I’d have to write a review.

In short, it took my breath away.

Don’t wait for the bootleg or the hook-up. Don’t wait for it to reach your cable’s On Demand option, Redbox, Netflix or primetime cable. GO. Purchase a ticket for a matinée or evening showing and see Selma in a theater, on the big screen.


One, there is something profound about being confronted with the imagery and language at that magnitude in a darkened room. You can’t run from it. You can’t tune it out. Ava DuVernay’s masterwork envelopes you. It sweeps you off your feet and swallows you up from the opening scene.

Second, purchasing a ticket is vital because money talks. The money this film brings in will prove (or disprove) that more stories like it will draw audiences. And we need more stories – more fleshed-out versions of history and full stories about our lives that aren’t caricatures and buffoonery – on the screen.

Yes, some take issue with the film’s characterization of Lyndon B. Johnson. But that doesn’t ruin the overarching theme of Selma. I don’t hear these arguments around films or television shows like Gone with the Wind or Mad Men, pieces of pure fiction which also play fast and loose with historical characterizations (and I say that as a fan of both). If you want to review the historical record, I suggest consulting a textbook and cross-referencing it with other documents and accounts in the record (and one should even be careful there). Yes, you won’t hear Dr. King’s real speeches (due to his estate’s wishes). But DuVernay’s “reimagining” of his words doesn’t detract from the film’s emotional power. Kudos to her for also prominently featuring several of the women who were actively involved in the civil rights movement.

This film is beautifully written, acted, directed, costumed and set to music. It is like watching history unfold in front of your eyes in a way that Mad Men does: it makes you believe you have stepped back in time. Without giving the movie away, the portrayal of the relationship between Dr. and Mrs. King was refreshing and felt…authentic. You get a sense of their dynamic and their charisma, but also of the realities of their relationship. DuVernay handles sensitive subject matter masterfully: whether the scene conveyed loss, shame, heartbreak, fear or righteous anger and indignation (sometimes in rapid succession), I felt it right along with the characters.

Beyond that, Selma subtly and cleverly will make you think deeply about the situation the world is in now and wonder why collective efforts to organize or address these issues and create lasting change have failed. I think everyone should see it; however, it is rated PG-13 and includes graphic violence, so parents should think carefully about making that decision for their children.

What are you waiting for? Selma is now playing in theaters nationwide.

Watch the trailer by clicking HERE.

Images via Google

‘Jersey Belle’ Jaime Primak Sullivan to host “Cawfeetawk”

If you’re familiar with Bravo reality star Jamie Primak Sullivan’s brand of wit and wisdom, you know her personality is like a shot of espresso. And if you enjoyed watching her “tell it like it is” on Jersey Belle’s first season, or are following her “CawfeeTawk” series via social media, then you don’t want to miss catching her in person at Dyron’s Low Country in Mountain Brook on January 18! Presented by Keurig (ther American coffee brewing company and makers of the K-cup), the event will be held  from 11 AM to 2 PM. According to Ms. Sullivan’s Facebook announcement, there will be “plenty of Keurig coffee, and specialty drinks, Mimosas, Bloody Marys and brunch.”

The event is FREE, but you must RSVP by sending an email to

In addition to being a wife, mother, publicist and producer (whew!)  the New Jersey native also contributes to Yahoo’s Parenting site; for her latest article, click HERE. For more on Jersey Belle, click HERE.

Images via Jaime Primak Sullivan/Facebook

Target announces 2015 collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer!


Calling all Target shoppers!

As most of us brave the winter chill and dream of summers by the pool, lake or beach (or backyard sprinkler), Target has just tempted us with breaking news: its next design partnership will be with the iconic label Lilly Pulitzer!  We’ve shared our love of the brand’s classic, distinctive prints before (refresh your memory here and here) and are definitely here for this limited-edition collaboration, which will launch online and in stores in the United States and Canada on April 19. According to Target, “the 250-piece collection includes apparel, accessories and shoes for women and girls, as well as home accents, outdoor entertaining accessories, beach gear, travel essentials and more.”

For more on the upcoming #lillyfortarget collection, click HERE.

Stay tuned!

Image via Target

How to wear: marsala


New year, new COLOR of the year from Pantone! This year’s signature shade is “marsala,” a rich burgundy wine that you’ll see in clothing, accessories, makeup and home décor throughout 2015.  You can wear it in small doses via your nail or lip color (my go-to’s are Essie’s “Wicked” nail polish and Guerlain’s luscious Rouge G de Guerlain L’Extrait  in Orgueil) or add it to your wardrobe. I love this ensemble from H&M because has all the right elements: layers, a modest hint of skin and a monochromatic top-to-bottom palette that wins kudos for being slimming!

Burgundy lace top, $49.95; Burgundy woven camisole, $34.95; and Burgundy suit pants (featuring the return of the wide-legged trouser, for all of you who are tired of skinny pants!), $59.95, all via H&M

Images via Pantone, H&M, Essie and Sephora

Whose cousin was this at the Rose Bowl?

IMG_0516If you watched the Rose Bowl yesterday, you may have seen this young gentleman’s distinctive hair on the Oregon sideline. I know I certainly wondered who he was and what was up with his hair. Sports Illustrated solved both mysteries for me: he’s the Ducks’ ball boy Kwame Mitchell.

Read more about Mitchell and his style by clicking here.

Does this spell the return of the high top fade of the 80s and early 90s?  What goes around truly comes around, no?

Images via PAC 12 Network/Twitter and Google


From amazing appearances on news channels across Sweet Home Alabama (!!!), to events at Macy’s and Belk, to being named a Birmingham Trailblazer and delivering the opening address at the See Jane Write mini conference, to completing my first semester of graduate school with a 4.0 GPA (!!!), to dancing it up at the Classic Soiree, to my first Iron Bowl, I’ve had a fabulous year! But absolutely nothing beats having a beautiful little girl walk up to me and in the tiniest voice say, “Hey TeeTee!” then run away giggling. Wondering what our most-read post of the year was? Hands down, this year’s crown belongs to First Person Fabulous Malia Marbury! The best is yet to come, darlings. Make sure you’re connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (at) samechicdifferentday so you don’t miss a second! It’s been real…see you in 2015! Xo, Alexis

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This wig review from Evelyn from the Internets was everything I needed and then some. You’re welcome.

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