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Ready to take your sneaker game up a notch? This fall is all about the wedge sneaker, worn with tight-rolled skinnies, minis and leggings.  Balance the fitted lower half of your outfit with a loose silhuoette on top: tanks with easy coats and comfy sweaters. The goal is to keep it unfussy; you don’t want to look like an elf.  These kicks are casual but oh-so-chic: perfect for Saturday errands or dates, and a must-have for getaways (instead of any running shoe that screams “Hi! I’m a tourist!”).

Want more options?  These shoes are everywhere right now, including  Dillards, DSW, Victoria’s Secret, Neiman Marcus and Saks.

*You may not be able to read the caption, but those high-heeled lace-up sneakers in the slideshow are a definite fashion DON’T.

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